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Musink Pro Feature Preview 1/3: MIDI

This is one of three posts that explain the special features that exist in Musink Pro.

MIDI Import

Musink Pro imports midi files into your score. With advanced functions to find triplets, automatic time signature location, and adjustable quantisation you can import files more accurately than ever before. You can also import selected parts of a MIDI file: just the bassoon part, for example, or everything except the piano.

Dual-Mode MIDI Step-Entry

MIDI Step-Entry lets you hit any note on your connected MIDI Keyboard (or other MIDI device) to enter a notes directly on the score. By repeatedly pressing keys, notes are added to your score, automatically stepping between guide notes with each stroke. Alternatively, you can hover your mouse cursor over any guide note to insert notes at that specific position.
Step entry automatically detects whether you are playing individual notes or chords. It can be left on in the background, so you don’t need to repeatedly turn it on and off as you swap from MIDI keyboard to mouse and computer keyboard.

Musink Pro screenshot Selecting a MIDI Device to use for input
Click for larger version.
Selecting a MIDI Device to use for input

Live MIDI Recording

Exactly as it sounds: play your MIDI keyboard, MIDI drum kit, or other MIDI device along with your score as it plays. Recording functionality includes:

  • Delay compensation
  • Advanced adjustable quantisation
  • Adjustable triplet seeking
  • Transposition adjustment
  • Customisable percussion entry

You can also save your device settings as you please, so you can quickly load a preset with another project, or for another device.

MIDI tools available in Musink Pro
Click for larger version.
MIDI tools available in Musink Pro
Calibrating for delay on a MIDI device
Click for larger version.
Calibrating for delay on a MIDI device

Play As You Write

Musink Pro plays back notes as you add them to your score or drag them up and down the stave, providing you with instant insight into your composition.

MIDI Playback

Playback Loops

Musink Pro lets you play back sections of your score as a loop. That is, you can play a selected group of bars on loop, as long as you wish, even if there are no repeat marks in your score. This can be great for practising, learning a piece, or when you’re just a little stuck while composing.


We never think we need one till we’re without! Musink Pro provides a metronome that ‘clicks’ throughout playback. The metronome can be turned on or off, as you please. Volume can be changed at a whim, and the period can be set to anything from dotted whole notes to sixteenths.

Musink Pro Screenshot playback with metronome
Click for larger size.
Adjusting the metronome during playback

Volume Modifiers

You can already set the MIDI velocity of your score by adding text such as “forte”. Sometimes, though, we want to modify the volume of a part, without affecting the timbre of the piece. With Musink Pro you can directly set the volume of a channel by writing text such as “volume=50%” or “vol=127”.


We’ve all wanted to temporarily mute one part while editing another. At the click of a button, Musink Pro lets you do just that.


Musink Pro lets you automatically transpose MIDI output up or down a number of semitones without changing your score. You can adjust this transposition for each stave individually.

Middle-C Adjustment

Not all MIDI devices use the same MIDI message as Middle-C; Musink Pro lets you choose your own Middle-C to match your output device.

Pro Options Window
Click for larger version.
Pro comes with additional options, including setting the midi pitch of middle-c
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