Musink is a music composition application that will change the way you write music. Musink Lite is free to download. Musink Pro is a fully featured version of Musink that lets you do more with your MIDI keyboard, write faster, and provides ultimate control over your published scores.

Music. Fast.

Writing notes in Musink is as easy as clicking where you would like a note to appear. Note and rest durations are set and adjusted automatically for you. It really is that simple. No more archaic 'note toolboxes' or writing half a bar just to change a single note.

Focus on Composition

Most notation editors make it your responsibility to make music look good. Musink removes this burden from you: almost all layout tasks are automated. When you move a note, or add a mark, other marks, notes, rests and text will move to make room. As you delete items, others will move to ensure no unsightly gaps appear in your score.

Create PDFs, Export for the Web

Two mouse clicks is all it takes to publish your score to a PDF document, XPS document, or PNG (image) files. Scores published to images can be dropped into any MS Word document, emailed, or put on the web, without the need for browser plug-ins. PDFs and XPS documents created by Musink are vectorised (have an infinite resolution), and can be edited in any compatible vector-editing software, such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.


Harness the Power of Templates

Publishing for two mediums, creating a book, or have a tricky client? Musink ships with a series of templates: predesigned page layouts which control everything from note-size, to page margins, to title fonts. In a matter of seconds you can create a formal PDF suitable for book publishing, and another PDF for kids browsing on an iPad.

Musink Pro includes an easy-to-use Template Editor, which lets you design your own templates, giving you ultimate power over your published scores.

Books, Scores, Posters...

Musink is not just a traditional scorewriter that limits you to creating orchestral scores. Creating exercise books, simple posters, drum loops, or just jotting down an idea are tasks Musink makes simple.

MIDI Compatible

Musink can play your score back to you through any General-MIDI compatible device. You can also export your music as MIDI, or MIDI loops, to use it where you see fit.

With Musink Pro, you can record from a MIDI device in real time, enter notes using a MIDI device, and import MIDI files.

Click to hear demonstration MIDI output, or visit Musink's Soundcloud page

A Drummer's Dream

Musink contains features which make composing for percussion a breeze:

  • Write voices across several staves, and have them merge during publishing
  • Create flams, sticking, and ghost notes in a single-click
  • Special layout rules specifically for drums
  • Drum keys, buzz rolls, and more
  • Record from electronic MIDI-enabled drum kits using Musink Pro

Musink Lite is free to download, and the free help wiki contains step-by-step instructions for most tasks.